Organisations Promoting Responsible Gambling

Many organisations have been established to ensure that the necessary laws and regulations have been put in place at casinos. These organisations also support an established UK online casino like mFortune, which supports responsible gambling.

Volunteering to encourage responsible gambling

Volunteering to encourage responsible gambling - Organisations Promoting Responsible Gambling

Anyone with the right set of social skills can volunteer to assist these organisations with their efforts. These institutions often do not profit from their activities and, therefore, need volunteers to lend a helping hand.


This organisation was established in 1997. Gamcare is committed to assisting members of the gambling community by equipping them with the necessary tools to encourage safe and responsible gambling. They also have a National Gambling Help Line that is toll-free. If you require a human voice, agents are available to assist you with any advice or questions.

Gamblers can also volunteer to create awareness about safer gambling practices, and they can encourage other players to approach gambling in a healthier way. Gamcare understands the joys of gambling and provides players with access to the necessary tools and support when the need arises.

The UK Gambling Commission

This organisation works to licence businesses that offer gambling services to the citizens of the United Kingdom. They regulate most forms of gambling. This also includes the National Lottery. The organisation also equips you with resources to learn more about the gambling industry.

The commission also guides the gambling community by offering a range of services including a platform for gamblers to communicate any concerns with gambling institutions.

The importance of non-profit organisations

The existence of these institutions enables individuals to reach out for help when they need it most. Yet, there is still a great need for members of a gambling community to promote responsible gambling by volunteering to support individuals in need.