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Volunteering or setting up a non-profit organisation promoting community development can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing. Equipping yourself with the necessary resources will make it a bit easier.

The Armed Forces Charity (SSAFA)

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, then this charity organisation is high up on the list. You can give something back to the veterans and families that serve and protect by volunteering for this charity.


This is a major organisation in the volunteering sector. It currently represents more than 16, 000 charities, voluntary organisations, social enterprises, and other groups in the United Kingdom. It supports these institutions and groups by providing a platform where they can obtain helpful resources and information. This allows them to operate more efficiently.

Obtaining reputable resources

There is a considerable amount of information circulating online, and it is often a good idea to consult several sources. Make sure that the advice and assistance you receive through these portals comply with the necessary laws before you proceed with implementing them.

Be careful not to acquire funding illegally, as this could result in the government shutting down your well-intentioned project. Always fact-check the advice and information you receive online.