Why Community Development Is Essential

There are always individuals or organisations that will benefit from community development. The help and support of volunteers can be underestimated. Communities that need essentials, such as food and shelter, often depend on volunteering organisations to support them. Here are a few reasons why community development is the cornerstone of society.

It creates a feeling of belonging

It creates a feeling of belonging - Why Community Development Is Essential

When people come together for a common goal, everyone is afforded a role to play. This creates a sense of inclusion within a group or community. Once everyone feels strongly about the collective goal (for example, acquiring clean water for drinking), it brings about a sense of unity, and everyone learns to value each other more.

Improvement in health and safety

As soon as a community becomes more developed, crucial public health facilities and other medical practices can be established. These institutions often use volunteers to help treat (such as providing free vaccine injections) less fortunate individuals who would otherwise not have been able to afford treatment. This also prevents the spread of infection.

Development of educational institutions

Development of educational institutions - Why Community Development Is Essential

Education is arguably the cornerstone of any society. This is because it has the power to mould the future of members within a community. Education acts as a catalyst for community development. It equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to use their resources and funding to benefit a community as a whole.

Enhanced living standards of people

By combining all the activities and projects being run to develop a community, people’s living standards in a society can be raised. This means activities in the educational and health sector can improve. With basic human essentials being addressed, there may be a reduction in crime in the community as well.